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Lead Generation Services

Looking for High Quality Leads?

We recognize that customers are the lifeblood of your business. Online lead generation is an aggressive way to beat your competition into new markets, quickly and cost effectively. Campaigns managed by our experienced guides have fewer pitfalls and clearly measurable success. Interested? Find out more about our qualified leads and customized online lead generation solutions. Visit for more information.

Lead Marketing Platform

Most Advertisers think it’s easy to generate leads – just slap up a landing page, with a form, and get results. This is just not true. Clients lose money doing this because they often lack the expert guidance and tools they think are cost prohibitive. In this economy, however, lead buyers can’t afford to make mistakes. Rex Direct Net has launched a revolutionary and proprietary custom lead generation marketing platform called TargetMatrex. Designed and built with high quality custom leads in mind, clients are quick to adapt it and love it, because it works. It allows lead buyers who are new to the industry or who are frustrated with their current online strategy to harness the power of the internet.
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