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About Us

The power of affiliate marketing can turn a small business into a big business at internet speed.
We know because we’ve supported the growth of aspiring businesses into multi-million dollar companies using our internet marketing solutions. We invest in our clients and using our proprietary technology, processes and relationships we work to ensure our quality advertisers are internet ready. Looking for long term relationships we emphasize legal compliance while offering steady growth with a consultative approach. Our interest in growing your business positively impacts our affiliates by offering them unique campaigns with solid performance and personal service.

RexDirectNet, the parent company of the Rextopia Affiliate Network, is a top performing, full service Internet marketing company with turnkey, performance driven solutions that work. We take a partnership approach to developing and strengthening relationships to ensure profitable results.

What we do
RexDirectNet drives new customers with purchasing power to your product or service. We do this predominantly on a revenue-share basis so you have minimal out of pocket expense. Our business model leverages expertise and industry relationships to connect you to new worlds of opportunity at Internet speed. We specialize in a variety of proven and innovative Internet marketing techniques including:

Affiliate Marketing (Rextopia)

  • Permission Based Email
  • Web Media
  • Search

Lead Generation (Rextrack)

  • Co-Registrations
  • Publisher Hosted Campaigns

Our expert creative and technical teams are available to make your ideas come to life. Let RexDirectNet help you exceed your campaign expectations.

How we do it
Our business model is tied to your campaign performance. RexDirectNet has an elaborate screening process which helps us evaluate prospective clients. We look for visionary partners with unique consumer products and services who are interested in new ways to grow their organization profitably. Ultimately, your success is ours. We go out of our way to ensure it.

Who we are
Since our founding in 2001 by Jennine T. Rexon, RexDirectNet has taken a personal and professional approach to innovating ideas as well as optimizing ways for our clients to make more money. We whole heartedly believe in the power of the Internet as a marketing tool and take great pride in seeing our customers profit from the wealth of opportunity it offers.

Prior to founding the company, Jennine worked as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers helping start-up Internet as well as Fortune 500 companies with their information systems and business processes. Rex Direct Net was recently named as one of the 50 fastest growing women-owned businesses by Entrepreneur Magazine and made the Top 5000 Inc. list in 2008. The Power of Affiliate Marketing
Recognized by industry experts as one of the best affiliate networks, caters to select advertisers and publishers looking to optimize their inventory. We do that by offering qualified and diversified programs, top payouts, and a community of like-minded businesses willing to cooperate with each other for mutual benefit. As a result, our clients prosper and “stick” with us more than industry average.

Competitive Advantage
Our competitive advantage lies in our business philosophy and model. We take an active role in finding unique solutions for our customers that are low in risk and high in reward. We are straightforward, knowledgeable and fun to work with. These attributes combined make for very successful partnerships.

More information
We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of the exploding Internet marketing industry. Let RexDirectNet guide your business towards longevity and prosperity.
For more information, please visit and/or

Corporate Facts
Rex Direct Net, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation
PHONE: 888.572.3244
FAX: 201.221.7733
E-Mail ContactUs@

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